rent for several days electric scooter 6 km / h

rent for several days electric scooter 6 km / h rent for several days electric scooter 6 km / h
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If your legs do not really want to, you can "experience" Hamburg with a mobility Scooter.
Explore the new harbor city and enjoy the lively international atmosphere of the Landungsbrücken.
Explore all of Hamburg by renting an electric vehicle. A driver's license is not needed!
Without driver's license, and without helmet to drive

Type: Service

Special rental conditions

Special rental conditions

1. Scope

The rental is exclusively based on this rental agreement. Side agreements and deviating agreements must be recorded in writing. The terms and conditions in their current version also apply to future business with the renter. The landlord is entitled at any time to amend or supplement these terms and conditions with a reasonable notice period. Deviations from these general terms and conditions are only binding if they are agreed upon and written down for each individual business.

2. Property protection

The rental equipment remains with all its components property of the landlord. They are and will remain their property without restriction. Pledging, transfer by way of security, sale or transfer of the rental objects is expressly prohibited. A transfer of the rented device to third parties is prohibited. The renter must inform the renter immediately of any judicial enforcement measures. The costs of intervention measures for the protection of property and property rights of the landlord are borne by the rent payer. The renter also bears the costs incurred by the landlord in the event of equipment failure due to enforcement measures.

3. offer

The presentation of the rental equipment on the website does not constitute a legally binding offer, but an invitation to the booking request. Errors excepted. For every booking request, the renter receives an offer in which all fees, costs & the deposit can be seen. Each order based on the offer by a rent payer is only a binding offer to conclude a lease. Only with the sending of a reservation confirmation or a lease by e-mail, the purchase contract is concluded.

4. Rental price / deposit

The rental price is understood to be the pick-up price from location Tonndorfer Hauptstraße 170 b, 22045 Hamburg. Price changes due to errors are reserved. The rental price may differ by an individual offer by the landlord to the rent payer (discounts, benefits). The landlord is entitled to demand a deposit from the rent payer. This is recorded in the offer to the rent payer and in case of an order of the rental equipment accepted by the rent payer. The deposit must be deposited before the rental date. This can be done cash on pickup or by bank transfer. The rent payer will receive the deposit back immediately if he returned the rental equipment (s) in intact condition (condition not objected to by the landlord) to the landlord.

5. Delivery / return

The promise of a delivery or rental date is subject to the availability of the rental object and the possibility of delivery. In the case of unforeseeable exceptional and unrelated circumstances as well as in case of a defect on the way of delivery, the renter receives back his rent as well as any deposit, if the rental object can not be used. The lessee undertakes to prevent in the event of non-delivery for reasons mentioned above and to seek an alternative solution. The return or return of the rented item must be made on the following working day after the last rental day. Delayed arrival of the equipment at the landlord beyond the originally intended rental time or the rent payer does not meet his return obligations (rent payer was not to pick up, rent payer returns the package on the return date after 12 clock at DHL), so the rent for each Device recalculated accordingly in daily rates. If the first rental day is a Monday or the last rental day is a Friday, there may be additional costs, as on the one hand, the weekend immediately before and the other immediately thereafter. A direct delivery / pickup on the business day before / after that is therefore not possible, which can lead to an additional fee for the weekend. In this case, a personal agreement is made between the rent payer and the landlord.

6. Rental time

The rental period begins and ends according to the agreed date of the lease.

7. Terms of payment

The payment of the rental fee has to be made in advance in cash and in case of dispatch of the rental equipment by bank transfer or Paypal.

8. Claims for damages / Disclaimers

Claims for damages of the renter, regardless of the legal grounds, in particular due to poor performance, breach of ancillary obligations and negligence in contract negotiations as well as in tort are excluded, as far as the damage was not caused deliberately or through gross negligence. For damages and consequential damages, the landlord assumes no liability or obligation to pay damages, for whatever legal reason. The disclaimer applies in particular to failure of the rental agreement due to damage or total loss of the rental object on the transport or the rent payer as well as unavailability due to late return of the devices from previous rent payers. Likewise, the landlord assumes no liability for malfunctions occurring or total failure of the rental object and any resulting consequential damage, be it direct or indirect, including loss of earnings or loss of profit. A liability of the landlord for property damage and personal injury, which could arise from the use of rent, are excluded. Likewise, the landlord assumes no claims for damages in case of late or non-delivery of the carrier, eg GLS or DHL. The landlord is not liable for loss of data resulting from the use of rented storage media. The renter must ensure secure data backup.

9. Notice of defects / obligations of the renter

The renter has to check the rental objects immediately after receipt for completeness, functionality and perfect condition. The rental objects are considered to be in perfect condition, if any defects are not reported immediately - at the latest by the end of the day of delivery after receipt - by e-mail to the landlord. Repairs or services performed at your own initiative are not permitted and require the consent of the lessor. Any occurring defect, damage, loss or sinking of the rented items must be reported to the lessor in writing without delay. The hijacking of the rented items from the rent payer's possession must be reported by the rent payer to the state investigative authorities without delay. The rent payer is responsible for proving the loss or theft of the rental objects from his possession. Should a rental item have clear signs of wear or damage at the time of rental? however, which do not affect the functionality - these are documented by the landlord and recorded in the lease or communicated before the rental. The renter agrees to the careful handling and exclusively for the usual use of the rented equipment. The enclosed instructions are to be followed. He is liable for emerging damages as a result of negligence, gross negligence or theft. Rental objects are incl. Accessories to return to the agreed date in perfect condition. The renter is liable for lost accessories and the rental equipment itself, at the price of the new purchase. The devices are deemed to have been taken in perfect condition, as far as possible defects are not expressly reprimanded upon receipt.

10. Liability of the renter

The rent payer is liable for the culpably caused deterioration, loss or demise of the rental objects during the contractually agreed ownership or in the case of an arbitrary extension of the ownership by the rent payer. Likewise, the renter is liable for damages caused by improper packaging, return transport or culpably delayed return. The renter is liable for lost accessories and the rental equipment itself, at the price of the new purchase. The devices are deemed to have been taken in perfect condition, as far as possible defects are not expressly reprimanded upon receipt.

11. Insurance

The rental equipment is insured only if the renter has explicitly ordered the equipment insurance and the insurance and the insurance conditions are part of the rental agreement. If the optional insurance is not booked, the renter is liable up to the full amount of the replacement value of the rental objects. By signing the rental agreement, the renter agrees to the terms of insurance. These are enclosed with the lease.

12. Passage of risk

The risk passes to the rent payer as soon as he leaves the premises of the landlord or receives the package from the parcel service. Upon return of the package, the risk passes to the carrier upon delivery of the parcel to DHL or the handing over of the parcel to the parcel carrier by the renter.

13. Return of defective rental equipment / liability of the renter

If the renter returns the rented item defective, the deposit, if any, will be forfeited. The landlord has the right to have the rental property repaired professionally or in case of impossibility or inefficiency of a repair to buy replacement equipment. The costs will be charged to the renter if the repair or new purchase should exceed the deposit. If the deposit exceeds the repair costs or the replacement value of the rental objects, the renter will be refunded the difference.

14. Delivery problems

If a device can not be delivered or if there are other delivery problems, the rent payer will get his money back. However, there is no additional / further damage / payment by the landlord (see point 7).

15. Termination without notice

If the rent payer fails to fulfill essential contractual obligations, the lessor may terminate this contract without notice. This also applies if insolvency proceedings are opened against the lessee's assets or if there is a suspicion of insolvency.

16. Minimum age

The rent payer must be fully competent. When picking up the goods or when shipping the rental equipment, a valid identity card must be presented in advance. A copy of the ID card will be made.

17. Applicable law / jurisdiction

For these terms and conditions and the entire legal relationship between the landlord and the rent payer is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. If the rent payer is a merchant or a legal entity under public law, then the place of performance and place of jurisdiction for all disputes and liabilities is the registered office of the lessor, 22045 Hamburg All changes and / or additions must be made in writing.

18. Right of withdrawal

You can cancel your contract within 14 days without giving reasons in writing (for example, letter, fax, e-mail). The period begins upon receipt of this information in text form. To maintain the cancellation period, the timely dispatch of the revocation is sufficient. The revocation must be sent to: Emobile Hamburg (owner E.Staszewska), Elektromobile rental, Tonndorfer Hauptstraße 170 b, 22045 Hamburg Phone: +49 40-386 368 30 Fax: +49 40 38636831 E-mail: special instructions The right of withdrawal of the rent payer expires prematurely, if the landlord has started with the execution of the service with the consent of the rent payer before the end of the withdrawal period or the rent payer has arranged this himself. This is the case if the rented items were sent to the rent payer at the beginning of the agreed rental period.

19. Miscellaneous

The rent payer agrees that the landlord saves his personal data in the course of the business relationship and does not pass it on to third parties. The data are stored within the framework of the legal regulations. For the execution of the contract and the technical support of the services or functionalities used by the lessee, the data of the lessee can be transmitted to commissioned companies within the scope of order data processing. After the return of the intact rental item, the ID card copy is destroyed or deleted.

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